I can book your travel and find great airfares for your trip.


I know some of the best B&Bs, villas or elegant hotels that will suit your lifestyle. Just let me know what your preferences are, any special needs you have, and I will make sure to pick the best for you!  After visiting historical sites, museums and monuments, I will take you to the nicest places to eat. No big crowds! No frustrating waiting lines! I also believe in independence and personal free time during a vacation. Should you need time for yourself to wander independently, just let me know. I won’t take it personally. ☺

There is nothing worse than vacationing in a foreign country and not being able to decide in which restaurant to eat. How about the restaurant experience if you don’t speak the language?  What if you don’t understand the menu? Chances are you are going to miss some of the best foods!

Italy is made up of 20 unique regions, each one characterized by its distinctive local cuisine. I will introduce you to the typical regional dishes and will take you to eat the best Pasta Cacio e Pepe in Rome, the most delicious Bigoli in Salsa in Venice and the nicest Spaghetti allo Scoglio on the Amalfi Coast! And if we happen to travel along the Ligurian Coast, I will make sure you sample the best Focaccia Bread. That’s exactly where it was invented! I would not want you to miss any specialty from any of the regions you visit!


In addition, traveling through Italy by car lets you maximize the time of your stay.  Let’s say for instance we are driving from Rome to Florence. The drive is awesome, there is plenty to see, especially when traveling through Umbria. If you see a particular place that attracts you (a beautiful panorama to photograph or a local restaurant that just looks inviting), we can simply stop the car and you’ll be free to enjoy the view or a memorable meal. When you travel by train, you don’t have the opportunity to do that and you end up missing a lot. When traveling by car instead, you’re totally free!

And that’s another reason why you want to travel with Italy à la CARte!