It’s going to be just a few of us, not a herd of tourists. My tours are for couples, families or very small groups of friends that like to travel together. That’s it! No more than 6 people traveling by car together through Italy. No need to worry about ending up spending your vacation with people that have interests and desires different than yours. Be on your time schedule while you are getting your one-to-one attention. Think of it as the tour for people who are not into tours...with fun guaranteed!


If you don’t like tours, you probably don’t like “packaged itineraries”, or pre-set meals in restaurants selected by someone else for you. Do you really want to wake up early and have breakfast at 8:00 A.M because your train for Florence leaves Rome at 9 A.M. and you need to be at the station on time? Heck no! You are on vacation, no need for stressful deadlines at an overly-crowded meeting point. Instead, when you are ready, we can get into the car and we can start driving to our next destination.

What if you are walking on the beautiful Amalfi Coast on a warm day, you spot a little bay and decide to hop in the Mediterranean Sea for a memorable swim?  Well, on a typical tour you don’t have the luxury to do so. You need to stick to a schedule, be on time and follow a bunch of other instructions.

You deserve a stress-free vacation…and that’s why you want to travel with Italy à la CARte!