The Veneto region, in the northeastern corner of Italy, is characterized by mountains, plains, and the Venetian lagoon- a tranquil estuary with an ancient history, quiet but ethereal. At the center of the Venetian lagoon is Venice, a floating city of bridges, elegant palaces, and glorious churches. From the medieval period to the seventeenth century, Venice was the capital of European commerce and was considered the epicenter of cultural refinement. Today, one can discover Venice, and one can experience a city incomparably serene, true to its age-old epithet- "la Serenissima".

“When I seek another word for music, I never find any other word than ‘Venice'”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Once the capital of a sprawling maritime empire, Venice is a city that has been often described as the single most romantic in the world. Established as a safe haven for Romans in the Veneto region fleeing from barbarian invasions, Venice has a history of being an example of elegance to the rest of the world. It is unique in that it was built upon submerged wooden piles in the Venetian lagoon, and thus appears to float on the water. There are no busy roadways in Venice- to get around, one need simply walk the bridges over its quiet canals or take a gondola or water-taxi from one island to another.

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