Ahh, Sicily, Sicily… How possible is it to not love the most famous triangle-shaped island of the world at first sight?

As Sicilian player Luigi Pirandello titled one of his most well-known theater works, Sicily is “one, none and a hundred-thousand”.

In fact, just forget about catching Sicily in a single word or concept, as it’ll always escape such a definition an instant later. Maybe the best way to deal with Sicily is to simply consider that “what you momentarily see is what you get”.

Palermo, Syracuse, Piazza Armerina and its mosaics. The baroque towns of Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli; the Greek ruins of Segesta, Selinunte and the Agrigento Valley of Temples. Plus Marsala, Trapani, Erice… Anything else to add?

How can one summarize the sheer beauty of such places, blessed by one of the best weathers ever? Add to that the old-fashioned, typical Sicilian kindness, that will – literally – cast a spell on who is not accustomed to such a warm way of interacting and all is set; you’ll never forget such a unique place.

Not to mention the endless list of sea places, then! Cefalù and its Norman cathedral overlooking the town, just like a garrison of soldiers from a vantage point, San Vito lo Capo with the ever-mentioned tropical-like, 1-mile long beach, and Taormina, the most international Sicilian sea resort, that saw the likes of King Edward VII of England, Jackie Kennedy, George Clooney, Cary Grant, Coco Chanel and Maria Callas.

The list of unmissable things is never-ending. It is impossible to forget the superior beauty of all those small islands around Sicily; the Eoliae, Ustica, the Egadi, the Pelagiae, super-exclusive Pantelleria… All picture-perfect Mediterranean places looking like a fashion ad, as represented so many times by the plethora of “Dolce & Gabbana” commercials, just to name one brand.

Sicily is just everything, and its composite display of opportunities seems expressly made to please each and every kind of taste.

Actually, one can swim or ski in Sicily, one can volcano-trek or try to grasp the basics of the incredible Sicilian cuisine, or satisfy their own art thirst, or learn how to make artistic carvings into watermelon pulp, or hear about one of the richest and most dramatic flows of history of all times.

All this is Sicily, and so much more. There is nothing to get surprised. Together with Rome, all sorts of people, and cultures, and things have passed through here. So just relax and be part of it. It is something that is going to stay with you forever.


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