So classic, yet so innovative. This is probably the best way to define Piedmont. The Italian North-Western land where the Savoy Royal Family came from was always considered so overly traditional to be regarded as a sleepy place. Not anymore. In fact, starting from the 2006 Winter Olympics, the entire region has boosted its big potential, resulting in a total change of consideration, both nation wise and abroad.

Throngs of tourists are today enjoying the offers Piedmont has set up for them. First-class gastronomy (white truffles apart, bars and pastry here are to die for),  some of the most famous Italian ski resorts, gentle rolling hills covered in lush vineyards, picture-perfect Alpine lakes, superb royal castles and mansions like the newly-refurbished Reggia della Venaria, or the Stupinigi hunt Lodge are just some of the few.

Last but definitely not least how could one forget about The Langhe region home of the most important Piedmontese wines? Their names represent real enological powerhouses, contributing to enhance the meals of the most prestigious restaurants the world over: Arneis, Barbaresco, Barbera, Barolo, Freisa, Nebiolo… Need to mention more?

What’s more, Turin – Piedmont capital and main center – has become the landmark of such a restored grandeur. Once considered as the Italian Detroit – the Fiat car giant is headquartered here – it has radically changed its outlook, becoming the biggest artistic and technological venue in the whole country.

If you are an art buff you’ll definitely know the Artissima exhibition, attracting thousands of art merchants, critics and aficionados from everywhere.

How about the Egyptian Museum, the second most important of its kind in the world, after the one in Cairo? It just reopened its doors, after several months of total refurbishment and renovation operated by some of the most well-known archeologists in the world, having its exposition rooms completely redesigned by Academy Award winner set-decorator Dante Ferretti.

On the other side, its Polytechnic College is quickly climbing up notches in the Best Technical College Schools in Europe, supplying engineers to primary institutions around the globe.

These and many others are the reasons why so many people from outside Italy are buying houses in Piedmont. In fact the whole region is thriving with foreign languages and accents which gives the area such a modern and globalized feel. So why don’t you come and take a look yourself?

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Piemonte Racconigi Castello
Piemonte cheeses
La Palerma - Piemonte, campagna e montagne
La Palerma - Torino (1)
La Palerma - Venaria, i giardini
La Palerma - Venaria, Galleria di Diana
La Palerma - Lago d'Orta, con isola di San Giulio
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