This is how it works! I will provide you a menu of places, you decide for the main course, and I will add the side dishes! Look at the suggested destinations, think of the places that you always wanted to visit in Italy. I will design and discuss with you the ideal itinerary based on the amount of time you want to spend in Italy. The perfect itinerary that will allow you not to miss a thing during your stay.

Pick the spots that are a “must-see” for you! Maybe historical Rome, Venice or Florence, the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, the stunning Alps, the rolling hills and ancient vineyards of Tuscany, the hill-perched villages of Cinque Terre, the beautiful parks and stunning mountains of the Abruzzo region. Are you a beach and seawater fan? Consider the idyllic islands of Sardinia or Sicily or the newly trendy Apulia. Let’s rent a boat and navigate around these places to discover secluded amazing spots of the Mediterranean (my favorite thing to do during the summer). Tell me what intrigues you the most and I will suggest the best itinerary possible and activities to match. I know the Italian roads very well, and how to get from point A to B making sure the drive becomes and incredible display of mesmerizing places! I want to make sure that every single moment of your vacation is spent making memories to last a lifetime!

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It’s all about personal service. I want to help you build memories that last a lifetime.

That’s why you want to choose Italy à la CARte!