Are you of Italian origins? If the answer is yes, you probably always wanted to find out more about your grandparents' place of birth.

Jami and Grandma

Jami and her Great Aunt met for the first time on an Italy à la CARte tour.

Do you know the landscape of your parents, or grandparents? If your family is still well rooted in the soil of your homeland, then you will know that landscape intimately. But if you come from a family where the roots have been cut, you may not have a felt sense of where you come from. Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to meet your distant relatives in Italy?  And what if they don’t speak English and you cannot communicate well in Italian?  Let me take you on a tour in Italy. I will design the perfect itinerary for you and will take you to meet those relatives you always wanted to connect with. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Your dream vacation to Italy now becomes a sentimental journey!

Find info at and let me help you connect with your loved ones in Italy!