Below, you Italian Cicerone will answer questions you might have

Q. What is the cost of Italy à la CARte trips?

A. My rates are very competitive with tour operators who provide far less personalized and unique travel experiences.

Cost depends on the following variables:

1. The type of itinerary.

2. The number of people going on the trip to Italy.

3. The type of accommodations agreed upon (Hotels, B&B, Villas for rent, etc.)

4. The time of the year we travel.

5. The type of activities and visits we have agreed to do while in Italy.

QHow many people in each group?

A. These trips are for very small groups, normally couples, a family or a small group of friends, for a total of up to up to 6 people. This is because we will be traveling by car and I generally rent a 7 passenger vehicle.

Q. Why aren’t meals included in the cost of the tour?

A.  The whole idea is to have a stress-free vacation. We will eat when we will feel like eating and where we see spots and restaurants that are appealing to us. I can suggest good places to eat (believe me I know great restaurants all over the country!), but you will be one to make the choice based on your appetite and type of food you are in the mood for when it’s time to eat . I do not believe in eating at set hours when on vacation.  The idea of being “on time” for the restaurant that will probably feed us a “touristic meal” doesn’t reside well with me! I know many restaurants in the major cities that I can suggest (depending on the type of food you like), but I also love to explore and try new places, check new menus and sample different regional cuisines. From any particular menu, everybody should be able to order what they like. Most of the times, meals included with “typical tours” are pre-set and not negotiable.

Q. What time do we wake up in the morning to tour or drive to our next destination?

A. Again, the idea is to have a stress-free vacation and you decide when you want to wake up in the morning and be ready for the next adventure. Let’s say for instance we have completed the wine tour in Tuscany last night and you got back to your hotel late and a little dizzy. I will be waiting for your text message the following morning to let me know me what time you’d like to get on the road. Easy, right? Remember, no stress…it’s your vacation and I want to make sure you enjoy every single moment of it. I want you to get all the beauty sleep you need!

Q. How far in advance should we plan to travel?

A. The sooner, the better so I can book the best places and get the best rates. Booking in advance will also allow for more options and can guarantee the best selections of hotels and/or apartment rentals.

Q. When do I need to make payments for my trip?

A. As soon as we agree on the itinerary and I start booking the accommodations, a 30% down payment is due. The remaining balance of the total cost of your trip is due 30 days before departure.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. PayPal or personal checks.

Q. Do I need to buy travel insurance?

A. Yes, you will need to purchase travel insurance. Finding the right travel insurance plan for your trip is the basis for worry-free travel. Most plans offer coverage at reasonable cost for cover medical, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage, accident, evacuation and others. Look and get quotes for various options to ensure you will have a stress-free vacation. Click here to get quotes to insure your trip.

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