Italy à la CARte online is born!

This is the first entry in the blog for Italy à la CARte. I hope to populate the blog with stories and pictures from our trips to Italy. I already have quite a few trips under my belt but the web site was just born. My customers have urged me to share the wonderful stories and experiences on a regular basis.

I hope that by reading and exploring my site you have come to understand my passion for Italy and for sharing these experiences with my clients. You simply can not get a more personalized tour than what I am offering. The wonderful thing is that we will create an itinerary together that is specifically tailored to match the trip to Italy you have always dreamed of. If during our travels you decide to take a side trip or deviate from the plan to take advantage of a special opporutnity, we can do that! We will provide you a stress-free vacation.

I hope you take me up on the offer and come drive with me!

Your Cicerone,

Marco Palermo

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