Italy à la CARte online is born!

This is the first entry in the blog for Italy à la CARte. I hope to populate the blog with stories and pictures from our trips to Italy. I already have quite a few trips under my belt but the web site was just born. My customers have urged me to share the wonderful stories and experiences on a regular basis.

I hope that by reading and exploring my site you have come to understand my passion for Italy and for sharing these experiences with my clients. You simply can not get a more personalized tour than what I am offering. The wonderful thing is that we will create an itinerary together that is specifically tailored to match the trip to Italy you have always dreamed of. If during our travels you decide to take a side trip or deviate from the plan to take advantage of a special opporutnity, we can do that! We will provide you a stress-free vacation.

I hope you take me up on the offer and come drive with me!

Your Cicerone,

Marco Palermo

      • Marco Palermo says:

        Ci sono già quattro gruppi in arrivo in primavera… Tieniti pronta con le varie “dritte” relative alle cose nuove da fare!!!! 🙂

    • Marco Palermo says:

      Terri, Your trip to Italy with Italy à la CARte is set. I promise you lots of fun while there. You will be able to see thing that normal tourists never get to experience. April is coming up soon…all you need to do is pack your luggage! Happy to have you on board.

  1. Marco Palermo says:

    Well, it looks like your dream is coming true. So happy we were able to book your trip Terri! We are going to have lots of fun in Milan, Lake Garda, Venice, Cinque Terre and Rome. I suggest packing your swim suite also. Since we will be traveling at the beginning of May, chances are you’ll be able to swim in the awesome waters of the Ligurian Coast! 🙂

  2. Marco will make it the most fun trip of your life. No worrying about the language barrier or where to go or how to get there, no getting lost, no pre-set tours or itineraries. I can’t wait until I can go back to Italy with Marco too!

    • Marco Palermo says:

      Kim, start thinking about possible dates. I would love to take you back and show you more amazing places that you will never forget!

  3. Marco Palermo says:

    Ciao to all of you.
    I hope y’all doing well (OMG I now sound like a damn foreigner who spent too much time in the South!)

    Anyway, here in NC the sun is out and the skies are blue today. And I hope you have made your vacation plans for this Spring and for the upcoming Summer.

    If you haven’t, and you are an aspiring traveler to Italy, I wanted to give you this update with my upcoming tours, … just in case you wanted to join 🙂

    1. I will be traveling to Milan with my first group towards the end of April. We will be driving through Northern Italy and stop in Lake Garda, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence and the Ligurian Coast. In Bologna the group will experience the incredible Food and Ferrari Factory Tour, with abundance of cars, wine, prosciutto, Parmigiano Reggiano & balsamic vinegar! The tour ends in the amazing Ligurian Coast the first week of May with a three day stop in Cinque Terre where we will enjoy more wine, awesome food and spectacular views!

    2. My second group arrives in Venice right after. Three days in Venice, then we’ll drive through the rolling hills of Tuscany to get to an amazing Agriturismo in San Gimignano which will be our base. During our three days in Tuscany, we’ll visit Florence, Siena and we’ll sample wines with visits to some of the most renowned vineyards. Then, we’ll continue to the Amalfi Coast. Four days on the Amalfi Coast with trips to Pompei, Capri and Mount Vesuvio. Next stop will be Rome.

    3. The third group starts their vacation in Rome. Four days in Rome, then five days in a gorgeous villa on the Amalfi Coast. The tour continues to the beautiful region of Abruzzo. We will be touring this amazing region, its beautiful mountains and natural parks for three days. Next, we head to Tuscany where we’ll spend four days sampling wines, eating some of the best foods and diving into beautiful art. Oops, I’m afraid the sequence should be reversed…we should leave the wine at the end!!! 🙂

    4. The fourth group will be traveling with me at the beginning of June from Rome (3 days) to Umbria & Tuscany (3 days), then Lake Garda and the stunning Dolomites. We will spend two nights up in the Alps, near the Austrian border. We’ll then end the vacation in Venice.

    5. The fifth group will travel with me to the marvelous island of Sardinia, at the end of June, for two weeks! We will be enjoying crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, amazing food, & beautiful people…oh, did I forget the wine? Unspoiled by tourism, the island of Sardinia, with its turquoise seas, granite rock formations and lush vegetation, is my favorite jewel in the Mediterranean.

    So…, HAVE YOU PACKED YET? Does any of this sound interesting to you?

    If yes, let me know… maybe we can find a spot for you too. Maybe that Italian vacation you’ve always dreamed about can become true this Summer. Or maybe if you happen to be in Italy while I am there this Summer, we can get together and I can show you around.

    Send and e-mail to or call me at 704-975-2656 to chat, I will be more than happy to custom design a tour to Italy that fits your wishes and desires.

    Also, remember to check out my website at to find out about all the fun you can have traveling through the ‘Bel Paese’ in a new and fun way!

    Ciao from Marco
    Your Italian Cicerone!

  4. K Kaul says:

    I love Italy. I loved it better with Italy à la CARte. If you are looking for personal attention, great flexibility, and total comfort while exploring this amazing country, contact Marco! Oh, and did I mention the surprise breakfasts, on-the-go language lessons, vista points only locals know, great choice of places to stay, and bargain shopping? Thank you for a wonderful trip, Marco!

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